How to Astral Project Instantly and Other Ways To Astral Project Quickly


Astral Project Instantly by Dying Suddenly

I’m sorry but the only way to astral project instantly, is to die suddenly.  I don’t recommend that astral projection method.  However, there are ways to transition your consciousness into astral projecting that are quick enough that you shouldn’t be tempted to step in front of a bus while you’re waiting to astral project.

how to astral project instantlyYou might be thinking I meant that sudden death technique of initiating an instant entry into astral projection as a bit of humor.  Well, I did mean it to be funny but sadly, I think most people will not actually try astral projection until they happen upon that terminal technique for astral projecting.  Everyone will astral project at least once but those who wait until death to astral project are missing out on something wonderful they could’ve done while still alive.  So let’s get you astral projecting, if not instantly, then at least soon.

How to Astral Project

Move to Tibet, live there for several decades while you study the intricate mantras to chant while you meditate for days on end until you achieve your fully accredited astral projection.  I would find this technique to be worse than stepping in front of a bus.  And personally, I don’t see the need to memorize ancient Sanscrit words to know where you are in the astral plane and what to do while astral projecting.

Relax on your bed or sit reclined in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed trying to will your spirit to leave your body on an astral projection.  This astral projection does work but you’ll spend days or even months at it, you might even give up the attempt before you astral project for the first time.  After you’ve experienced a few successful astral projections this astral projecting method will work quicker but it will never be how to astral project instantly.  I’ll give you a hint though.  Don’t try to force the astral projection.  Just let your consciousness slip into astral projecting.

Meditation for Astral Projection

Meditate first to relax your mind and body before you allow your consciousness to shift into your astral projection.  Truthfully, until you’ve got a few astral projection trips under your belt, you’ll likely fall asleep before you go astral projecting.  For this meditation method, I suggest you begin your astral attempting meditation before you are tired.  I think that most people who astral project quickly use this astral projection technique.

An even quicker method of astral projecting is by meditating while listening to a binaural beat recording, an isochronal tone recording or soothing binaural music.  There are also subliminal and hypnotic products available digitally but I see these as serving another function other than triggering an astral projection experience.  The binaural or isochronal recording prepares a person’s mental state for astral projecting and I think it is awesome to have such a useful tool available for astral projection beginners.

And now I come down to the final method for astral projection.  Have a death experience.  This one is how to astral project in an instant and it was how I had my first astral projection but I still don’t recommend it because it could be fatal.  My death lasted less than ten minutes but it gained me a lifetime worth of fabulous astral projections.  It was well worth my dying briefly to learn that astral projection is real and well worth any effort or expense to achieve.

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  1. Kathe says:

    Furthermore within those 4 miuntes, I tried concentrating to a few techniques. Rotating them continuously. The vibrations got too strong and too painful to bear. And the pressure was just unbelievably intense. It really felt like i’m getting squeezed really hard. I felt like I was stuck too. Subsequently, i heard a buzzing sound and it got really loud as i continued to imagine myself getting out of the body.